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Hi! My name is Megan and I am native to the Tri-Cities. When I was first introduced to yoga in college the serenity involved in the practice made me yearn for more. But without the knowledge of how to continue my practice at the time, it was lost somewhere inside me. Flash forward five years and I was working in the fitness industry where I was exposed to many opportunities. I was able to practice again and that practice drove me to almost pulling the trigger towards certification and teaching. However, a major life event that took 4 years to heal from put that on hold. Then a career change removed me from that convenience of having yoga in my life often and ever since I have been searching to find what it is that brings my soul fire. Yoga always comes back to my mind as possibly that fire I seek. I am no great yogi by any means of the word but something about it is meaningful to me and finding the right studio is what has held me back from joining.

I had an opportunity to take a goat yoga class from Bethany via The Lavender Rooster and something about her passion and love for what she does has brought me here today. In addition to yoga, I have a great interest in barre classes and was happy to hear the Rogue Soul Project offers them!


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