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Jp1082 No 030818 Usb Lan Driver (2022)




cjwatson: So, the usb-creator issue I could solve by removing the repo from the livecd-rootfs package? jmp_: That should be the least you need to do... cjwatson: Okay I will give that a try. Thank you. jbicha: hi, is there some particular reason why the fdi file is in the same.d directory as the code to do the changes? jbicha: also, /etc/fdi/policy/40-wifi-scan.fdi is a symlink to /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/40-wifi-scan.fdi jbicha: this appears to be a bug where the usb-creator package is trying to force that, but it should only need the latter slangasek: oh ok, I figured that out when I noticed the change I made to wifi-menu.fdi wasn't working it was working when I copied it from the usb-creator fdi file jbicha: no idea if there's anything preventing wifi-menu.fdi from working, just a suspicion that the changes from usb-creator are likely to be rejected jbicha: could you file a bug? ok, thanks for the help what is the best way to disable a ppc cpu? x86 i mean nogo, there is no such thing nogo, you want to disable ppc processors? yes nogo, that's impossible ppc nogo, those are not true CPU but specific hw ok nogo, what you probably want is to not use them what is ppc? i thought they were free as in freedom ok




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Jp1082 No 030818 Usb Lan Driver (2022)

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